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Rest assured, we have hired the best talent from around the world to bring you the best content the creator economy has to offer!

About Creativeoptic

 CreativeOPTIC is the premiere online creative  
  media house  inspired by travel, technology, music   
  and visual storytelling! 

Since 2016 we've grown...

into a group of professional content creators emerging from the digital age. Online is the one place where the world’s most creative ideas, people and places come together to be discovered, shared and celebrated.

We provide a creative outlet that helps bring your creativeOPTIC to the forefront of the masses. Whether it’s a full-service client creative brief, in-house original programming or the latest video/photo content published by members from the community we take a hands-on approach to content creation and distribution!

Welcome to CreativeOPTIC where possibilities are not limited to our imagination (we’ll handle it from here)!

Meet the team

Justin Warren

Founder & Managing Director

Brittney black

HR Director

Sebastian Frohs

Marketing Director

Patrick Schvartzman

Director of Product

Tasha Stephens

Communications Director

Leo Gertz

Social Media Lead

Amy Noy

Senior Video Editor

Andrew Gallimore


Suri Jeyakumar


John Munster


Mashaal Effendi



Makayla Taylor

Copy Editor

Sebastian Ghersi

Copy Editor

Cristina Jantz

Content Writer

Malik Hood

Content Writer

Jasmine Sheppard

Content Writer

Zaid Rehman

Content Writer


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